Preimplantation genetic diagnosis

If you have an inherited disease we can help you to have a healthy baby.




PGD increases the chances of the baby being born free of 
genetic disease.



PGD helps couples with a risk of transmitting a genetic disease.



Healthy embryos are selected to be transferred in the IVF process.



PGD can be performed for >99% of inherited single gene disorders.



PGD identifies affected and unaffected embryos with >98% of accuracy.

Advanced Reproductive Genetic Services


The Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) is a test which, forming part of assisted reproduction treatment, allows parents to be to prevent an incurable genetic disease before pregnancy.

  • Analyses the DNA of each embryo
  • Identifyies healthy embryos
  • Helps the doctor to determine which embryo transfer
Who should use PGD test?

Who should use PGD test?

Indicated for couples wih increased risk of having a child with a single gene desorder:

  • If the prospective parents already have a child affected by a genetic disease
  • If the parents are carriers or have been diagnosed with one of these diseases or if there is a family history of them
  • At Igenomix, we can perform PGD for virtually any single gene disorder


  • Identify embryos affected with a genetic disorder prior to implantation
  • Unique probe custom-designed for every couple
  • Complete PGD counseling at no additional cost with experienced genetic counselors
  • Extremely flexible with every case. We understand each patient is unique
  • Fast PGD setup

3 weeks for common disorders/mutations

6 weeks for rare disorders/mutations

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How it works


Turn Around Time after receiving the samples in our laboratory:
Fresh cases 24 hours
Frozen cases 7-10 days


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