Carrier Genetic Test

Determines the risk of having a child with a
genetic disease.

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CGT is an advanced carrier genetic test before pregnancy, which determines whether a couple is a carrier of genetic mutations that could be transmitted to their children.

It analyses more than 6,600 mutations associated with over 600 genetic disorders such as Alpha Thalassemia, Glycine encephalopathy, Familial mediterranean fever, Haemochromatosis, Polycystic kidney disease amongst others by NGS.



  • Study on more than 6,600 mutations associated with over 600 genetic disorders.
  • Genetic counseling for patients and specialists.
  • Genetic screening test based on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and clinically validated.
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  • For any Couples under a consanguineous marriage before planning to conceive naturally or through an assisted reproduction treatment.
  • For Couples with an affected child or family history of disorder.
  • For Couples who wants to form a family to know the risk of transmitting hereditary disorders to their children

(*) According to the World Health Organization (WHO)



Results in 20 working days

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The tested person carries a mutation in a particular gene. The test should be carried out in the other member of the couple.

A negative result indicates that the person doesn’t carry any of the mutations studied.
There is still a small risk of carrying another mutation not analyzed by the test.

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