30 January 2018

Journey to Giggles: Understanding your options during IVF

The wait and journey to parenthood for couples who have experienced several miscarriages or failed in vitro fertilization (IVF) attempts could underst...


IGENOMIX receives EMA Orphan Drug Designation for its product indicated for Asherman’s Syndrome with Asphalion support

We are proud to announce that our product autologous adult bone marrow-derived non-expanded CD133+ haematopoietic stem cells (IGX1) was granted the Or...

20 Jun 2017
8 min read

IVF in late thirties? Here are some things you want to know

With the advancing age, human body encounters several changes. Just like a teenage girl faces menstruation, problems of pimples, mood swings and what ...

06 Jun 2017
8 min read

Pregnancy 101. Basics every couple must know

Pregnancy is the most beautiful and blessed time in a woman’s life and it is equally important for every woman to take utmost care during this time. P...

31 May 2017
8 min read

Igenomix Dubai wins the Genetic Laboratory Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan, across Middle East in 2017

Igenomix has achieved yet another milestone in the field of advanced reproductive genetics in Middle East after being honored with Frost & Sullivan Be...

25 May 2017
8 min read

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