Baby Gender

With Baby Gender couples can now plan their family with the most accurate gender selection test



Baby Gender

Allows families to achieve a healthy pregnancy by selecting the gender of the embryos during an IVF process.


Gender selection and a complete analysis of most critical chromosomal abnormalities.


24-hour reporting using advanced NGS technology


Result is 99% accurate

CAP Accreditated

Most reliable way to fulfil your family balance


The latest technological advances helps parents-to-be to plan their families carefully and to fulfill their dream of having a girl or a boy.

  • Baby Gender is a genetic study of the embryos performed during the IVF treatment.
  • Will determine which embryos are chromosomally normal and their gender. The test comes with added advantage of screening of chromosomes 21, 18, 13, X and Y. 
  • With this information, the couple and their clinician can decide which healthy embryos to transfer, according to the desire of the parents.
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Who should use BabyGender test?

Who should use BabyGender test?

Baby Gender is recommended to families who have a gender inclination for their future baby and want to ensure a healthy pregnancy.



  • 99% accuracy in determining the gender of the embryos
  • Greater chances of having a healthy pregnancy
  • Increased implantation and transfer rate in IVF as most common chromosomal abnormalities are detected
  • Test includes unlimited number of embryos
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How it works

How it works

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