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Advanced Reproductive Genetic Services

We work to help you and your partner through your path towards reproductive success

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A simple blood test prior to pregnancy which prevents genetic disorders in the baby

Baby Gender

The best choice for gender selection


Prevent the transmission of single gene disorders in a family and achieve a healthy pregnancy


Improve the chances of reproductive success with Next-Generation Sequencing for PGS


Non-invasive prenatal test alternative to amniocentesis


If you have had implantation failure, we can help you


Detect the cause for lost pregnancy by analyzing the fetal tissue


Sperm Aneuploidy Test. 5 chromosomes: 13, 18, 21, X and Y

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why igenomix

  1. More than 15 years’ experience

  2. Our expert team supports the work of reproductive medicine professionals

  3. Guaranteed outstanding customer service

  4. State of the art technology: Arrays, PCR, NGS

  5. High level of investment in R&D

  6. Worldwide presence: 8 labs

  7. We participate in research projects with world known entities on an international level

  8. Robust and reliable diagnosis

  9. All-in-one genetic supplier

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what we've been up to

Igenomix will be present at the 24th Annual Scientific Meeting of Middle East Fertility Society (MEFS) 2017

21 September, 2017

With the aim to disseminate knowledge about the advancement in the field of reproductive science and medicine, Igenomix’s team of experts will be present at the annual meet of MEFS […]

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Find out our Scientific program at ESHRE 2017

26 June, 2017

We are proud to announce our wide participation at this year ESHRE annual meeting in Geneva, Switzerland from July 2nd – July 5th, 2017. Find out the full program here.

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Our CSO Prof. Carlos Simon opens ESHRE’s Annual Meeting in Geneva

22 June, 2017

This year’s Human Reproduction keynote lecture, which will open ESHRE’s Annual Meeting in Geneva, will be given by our CSO Prof. Carlos Simón, who will address one of the biggest audiences […]

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